Who are we?

  • The Collaborative is a group of people, including members of the public and health professionals, who want to improve frailty services for people in Greater Manchester

  • The GM Frailty Collaborative group is chaired by Dr Jackie Bene, CEO of Bolton NHS Foundation Trust.  Dr Sally Briggs, Consultant Geriatrician at Manchester Foundation Trust, is Clinical Advisor to the group

  • The Collaborative was initiated by the GM Health and Social Care Partnership to develop a Clinical Frailty Charter and propose GM Clinical Frailty Standards, with the Strategic Clinical Network providing overall programme management

  • The GM Frailty Network will be developed to work with the public, care providers, localities, local care organisations and other stakeholders to consider how improvements can be implemented to achieve the standards.


What are our aims?

  • The GM Frailty Charter aims to articulate a vision of “best in class” clinical frailty services across GM for treatment and care
  • Working with our partners we aim to support improved care so that people living with frailty will live as well as possible for as long as possible in the environment that suits them

How do we do it? 

  • Working with GM partners across the health and care system, the programme will promote the identification of frail or pre-frail patients

  • It will outline a broad range of interventions and devise a robust care plan, which will prescribe an effective process of helping patients and those at risk of injury

  • Variation will be reduced by identifying best practice and sharing it across the city region via the Charter

  • The Collaborative will take these strategies and work with our stakeholders to ask other interested groups for their feedback, manage the introduction of the improvements and then evaluate the difference that they make

  • Holding regular meetings to discuss progress on the Charter being introduced across GM

How do we make a difference?

  • The Charter will be complete by late summer 2018.  The Frailty Network will be able to use its standards to identify variation and support improved services.


How can I get involved?

  • The views of the public are very important to the Collaborative and the Frailty Network. To contact us to find out more about how to get involved, please call 0113 825 0892 for a chat or email us at england.gmec-scn@nhs.net.