We've just published two reports into recent events which highlighted various issues related to the subject of dying and palliative care - see the documents attached. 

  • The Art of Dying events took place during Dying Matters week and encouraged employees at the GM Health and Social Care Partnership and GM Combined Authorities to discuss dying, or feelings they have from loss, with friends and family
  • The Vulnerable Population Lecture Series began last month, taking an depth look at Palliative and End of Life Care health experiences by some of the most vulnerable people within the population, such as prisoners and the homeless. You can click on the links and watch the lectures given on the day. 
Download this file (Dying Matters report .pdf)Dying Matters report .pdf[Dying Matters report ]443 kB
Download this file (Vulnerable Population lecture report .pdf)Vulnerable Population lecture report .pdf[Vulnerable People report]280 kB