Achievements 2017-18

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The Greater Manchester and Eastern Cheshire Strategic Clinical Networks play an important role, helping to shape many of the policies being introduced in GM to transform health and well-being.

We have produced a document called ‘Achievements 2017-2018’, which highlights the improvements we have been involved in and explains what we do. 

Click here to read a copy. 

Quality Improvement Framework 

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This report introduces an innovative and unique Greater Manchester framework for quality improvement that guides a consistent approach to raising health and social care standards across the city region.

This is the first time such a document has been produced that incorporates both and health and social care in this way.

Click here to read about our ambition to improve quality in GM.


Implementation Plan for Better Births 

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This implementation plan explains how the recommendations from the national Better Births report to improve maternity services for parents will be introduced in Greater Manchester.



Patients, Carers and Public (PCP) Engagement and Participation Strategy


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Our Patients, Carers and Public (PCP) Engagement and Participation Strategy document explains our approach to making sure the public are involved in all aspects of our work. 

Download this file (Patients, Carers and Public Engagement and Participation Strategy.pdf)Patients, Carers and Public Engagement and Participation Strategy.pdf[Patients, Carers and Public Participation and Engagement Strategy ]736 kB
Download this file (Quality Improvement Framework .pdf)Quality Improvement Framework .pdf[Quality Improvement Framework ]827 kB